Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Take That, Mr. Groundhog!

After my rather depressing post on Monday, I needed to get back to my "happy place", which of course is almost always with my horse. Are you ready for some good news? Here it is...

I have it on VERY good authority that spring is on the way! No, I did not hear it from any rodent meteorologist wannabe. Please. My source is infinitely more reliable; he has accurately forecasted the onset of spring every year since I had the pleasure of making his acquaintance. I am hesitant to even reveal his identity as he is a bit of a private being, and the media frenzy that would no doubt result once the world discovered a prognosticator who could actually prognosticate might just be too much for him.

Who is this visionary, this oracle, this meteorological genius? Why, Legs of course. And he is officially shedding. OK, maybe not in great billowing handfuls of fur yet, but there was decidedly more hair in the ol' curry comb yesterday.

Plus, the vet is coming out today to give spring shots and float teeth. We call them "spring" shots for a reason. Who would give spring shots in the middle of winter? That just does not make sense! No, the season of vernal warmth has to be on its way - and soon.

I have to believe this is true. Because I'm cold, and I'm sick of being cold. I'm sick of needing a flashlight to walk the dogs at 6:30 PM. I'm sick of my winter clothes. And my barn jacket is getting pretty ripe. And if I knit Chef one more beanie this year he will probably divorce me.

I need to be outside more! I need sun and warmth! More than that, I need hope that these things will soon be possible! Thank you, dear prophet Legs, for providing me with this.

I will now return to ignoring the snowflakes blowing outside my window.


  1. Mine are shedding too! Always the first reliable sign of spring being just around the corner.

    Oh, and the first dead skunk I see in the road this time of year tells me I have 4-6 weeks left until spring!

  2. Don't get me there is another storm heading our way--but this one should miss you. Not New Jersey. We are in the thick of things.

    If I could get my horses out of their stormclothes for a day, perhaps I too would find some shedding. But it is a pointless venture. When it is soggy and wet, better they stay under cover.

  3. How can I say this. . .
    We had frost the past two nights here in Florida. . .

    And the yearlings were trying to shed out two months ago.

    I'm really sorry, but Legs doesn't know what the heck he's talking about.

    (evil evil smile)