Thursday, May 20, 2010

Attention OTTB Owners!

Little help, please?

I'm embarking on a new side-project, and would like to interview some OTTB owners about their horses' careers after the track.  While I'm certainly interested in stories involving a second competitive career (show jumping, dressage, eventing, etc.) I would really like to hear about horses who have gone on to serve roles that most people would not traditionally associate with an ex-racer, such as:
  • Schoolmaster for beginner riders
  • Therapeutic riding horse
  • 4-H or Pony Clubber
  • Reining or Cutting
  • Trail or Endurance
  • Police/Mounted patrol/Search and Rescue
Basically, I'm looking for a variety.  So, if you or someone you know has an interesting OTTB story they would like to share, please shoot me an email:  Put OTTB in the subject line, and I will send you some details!


  1. My OTTB was a dressage horse, so no unique story other two were never OT.

    Love the poo story below. You're right, it's something only another horse lover would truly appreciate...we are weird. *lol*

  2. Would you be interested in hearing about a mid/upper level eventing OTTB gone pony club mount, lesson horse, and schoolmaster? Not too surprising of a story, but he was a really remarkable guy. Most people thought he was a warmblood, too, with his big bones and even bigger barrel. But his heart of gold was all thoroughbred.

  3. @thenameismarry - YES! Please send it to me: I'll give you the details!

  4. Just wanted to leave a quick 'thanks' for your blog and your posts. I just discovered it today, but I'm enjoying

    reading it, and I'll be back again soon.