Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pop Culture and the Weirdo's One-Track Mind

It's Wednesday morning and I'm not really feeling like myself today.

Something is missing.

I feel a little..."Lost".

For those of you who did not follow the infuriatingly addictive phenomenon that was Lost, six years of torture came to an end with the finale this past Sunday. 

Well, sort of. 

True to it's nature Lost left us with numerous unanswered questions (I am still in the process of digesting exactly how I feel about the ending) and apparently there were a LOT of plot twists thrown in for no other purpose than to add to the confusion, and which the writers felt were not worthy of explanation.  I think I would be OK with this, except for the one nagging question that I simply cannot get out of my mind:

WTF was the purpose of, and what happened to, Kate's horse???

OK..that's two questions.

Seriously, my Geek-O-Meter soared to new heights when in Season 2 a mysterious dark horse showed up on that infernal island - a horse that seemed to have some sort of connection (and therefore importance?) to Kate and her story.   Each week I would wait breathlessly for the horse to reappear only to be disappointed time and time again.

In the interest of (ahem) research, I have been perusing various Lost sites in search of answers only to become increasingly more annoyed that so few Lost "fans" seem to care to spend time discussing the significance and whereabouts of said horse.  Other than the rather bland and obtuse observations in the link above, there is very little information out there.  Again - WTF?

Attempting to placate me as I was yelling at the computer Chef pointed out that the horse did only appear in one episode, to which I said, "So what?  A HORSE showed up on the island and I'm not supposed to care what happened to it???"

Eight years of marriage and sometimes I do still wonder how well he knows me.

Still, I did see that he has pre-ordered the complete Lost series on Amazon, so maybe he does know me pretty well after all :o)

Anyone want to guess which DVD will wear out first?


  1. Never watched "Lost" but I'm sure said horse would have intrigued me with similar obsession. My sympathy.

  2. I am also not a follower of "Lost" but might have watched had I but known there was even one horse-related episode.

    Okay, probably not, but like you would have wondered what happened to it, or at very least the plot significance.

    As it is, I manage to find horses on nearly all journeys I take away from my own two obsessions.

    Great blog, by the way. Weirdos Unite, indeed!

  3. Great blog, love the post coz love horse so much. count me in as a weird... hehhe