Sunday, January 17, 2010


One of the best things about horse people coming together is that it gives us an opportunity to discuss topics near and dear to our hearts. Like baling twine. Face it, non-horse people just do not get how wonderful baling twine can be. Most of those poor souls probably have no idea what baling twine is or understand how incomplete their lives are with out it.

If you're anything like me (and if you're reading this blog you probably are) baling twine has come to your rescue on more than one occasion. I myself have often been tempted to yell out for all the world to hear just how grateful I am that baling twine exists. But how to sing its praises in a way that even non-horse people could relate to?

Of course. An infomercial!

Introducing....TwineWow! The most versatile product in the world!!
Are you tired of paying hardware store prices for rope? Is there never a bungee cord when you need one? TwineWow! solves all your barn, household and-yes-even beauty issues!

Need to hang a bucket in a place where traditional bucket hooks won't work? TwineWow! instantly adjusts to suit any fence, post, or rail!

Oh No! Your horse broke his halter and the tack store just closed! Don't panic...wrap TwineWow! around the broken piece and it will hold it together safely for as long as you need it! It's that simple!

TwineWow! makes an easy to use and decorative door pull for sticky feed room doors!

Not just for the barn, you will find literally hundreds of uses for TwineWow! in and around your home!

Worried about kids and pets getting into cabinets? Why pay more for complicated locking devices that are impossible to install? Just a few twists of TwineWow! and your cabinets are secure!

Long hair can be a pain, always getting in your face. And who has time to look for a clip or hair tie? TwineWow! is right there for you when you need it most. Just like that!

We are so convinced that TwineWow! will change your life that we are offering it
absolutely FREE with purchase of any standard square hay bale!

But wait...there's MORE!

Order your hay now and we will include not one, but TWO strands of TwineWow! at no additional cost!

Now available in "Traditional Twine" ...

...or "Hunter Green"!

See what I'm telling ya? TwineWow! You'll be saying Wow every time!

PG (told you I was weird)


  1. ROFL! Around here we also have "pumpkin orange" TwineWow!

  2. OOOOhhhhhh - Pumpkin Orange. You gotta hook me up!

  3. Story of my life! We've always had "blue sky" TwineWow. And let me tell ya, it makes a fantastic belt when those loose jeans are getting you down!