Sunday, May 23, 2010


Excerpt from an actual phone conversation yesterday with my non-horsey friend JJ.  Please note that JJ lives in the "big city" an hour away from my house, and that the restaurant in question is famous for its passion fruit mimosas.  Translation - "brunch" becomes an all day event. 

Also note that JJ is one of my oldest and dearest friends; given the fact that I have stood her up countless times in favor of my horse and she is STILL my friend, she is entitled to her lighthearted hostility.

JJ:  "What's up, lady?"
Me:  "Whole lot of nothing."
JJ:  "Let me guess, you're at the barn."
Me:  "Noooo..."
JJ: "Yes you are!"
Me:  "No.  I'm heading home from the barn..."
JJ: (laughing) "I knew it!"
Me:  "What's up with you?"
JJ:  "Nothing.  Hey...I've got a group together to do brunch at Bistro X tomorrow.  Wanna join?"
Me:  "Well, it's supposed to be pretty warm tomorrow.  I was going to give Legs a bath and take his winter blankets home to wash."
JJ: "You are such a loser!"


Loser with a horse, or "winner' (?) with a passion fruit mimosa hangover?

Love ya JJ, but I think I made the right choice.  Maybe next weekend.  If it rains...


  1. You made the right choice. A nice day outside is never to be wasted.....*G*

  2. OMG..I literally have had the same phone convo. friends all know that if it's nice out, I'm with my Bay boy. It's a given. If not, I'm grouchy that I'm not. ;)